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Name:Felicia McCready [Sidhe]
Birthdate:Apr 3
Character Name ʄ Felicia McCready aka "Sidhe"
Character Canon Original ʄ Superdemic
Character Timeline ʄ While on mission, scoping out the area around the workplace of a suspected Super thought to speak to animals telepathically. She's flirting with his coworker on his lunch break.
Extra Details (a brief description of your AU, game, etc) ʄ Felicia is a Superhuman, whose powers manifested into angelic wings on her back, but in truth they are energy constructs that are shaped by her mentally, although she does not have the control to alter their form as of yet. She ran away from her fanatically religious family, tried to live life on the streets for six months, but eventually joined D.E.L.T.A., the Superhuman monitoring and training department because she didn't know what else to do with her life. Currently, she's part of Theta Squad, the Public Relations team for DELTA that tries to show people that Supers are not to be afraid of and can be a great help to the general public. Then she was kidnapped by Eva Maria Sala and mind controlled into being loyal to her, but Cici fell in love with Eva and decided to stay with her.
Played By ʄ Holland Roden

Contact Info
Player ʄ Kathrine
Email ʄ spkathrine[at] ʄ split_persona02[at]
Dreamwidth ʄ [personal profile] spkathrine
Plurk ʄ chocolateisbrainfood
Time Zone ʄ EST (GMT -5:00)

Request ʄ I would really appreciate avoiding "same face" interactions where people mistake Felicia's identity for that of another character played by Holland Roden. Thinking she looks similar (although taller), because of hair, body type, etc, it perfectly okay! But I see her as her own character, as if she is a different role played by the actress and would like to avoid all of that confusion of her being seen as someone else.
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